A Stoughton Tradition Offers Something New

Written by Peyton Higgins

It’s nearly time for the next event in a lineup of exciting Stoughton traditions – Taste of Stoughton! With so many delicious local offerings to try, it’s nearly inevitable that you’ll wind up with more food on your hands than you could possibly eat alone. While that doesn’t sound like much of an issue on a personal level, food waste has become a major problem for our planet. Food waste rotting in landfills is a significant source of the greenhouse gas methane, and it makes up over 30% of the trash in our still-growing landfills. So what are we, as Stoughtonites who want to support all our fantastic local food businesses, supposed to do?

My first suggestion – invite friends and family to join you! Taste of Stoughton is free to attend, so the more the merrier. Savoring samples with a group means you can taste even more dishes before you need to take a break to enjoy the music, non-food vendors, and family-friendly activities.

For any food leftovers you do wind up with, you can toss them into the (new!) compost bins on-site. Sustainable Stoughton, Innovation Center Stoughton, and Green Box Compost have partnered with Taste of Stoughton to bring compost bins to this event for the first time. Moving forward, we hope to expand this partnership and start new ones to help make composting and other zero-waste practices the default option at Taste of Stoughton and our other beloved community events.

Thanks to Green Box Compost, food waste from Taste of Stoughton will be turned into high quality compost that can return nutrients to our soil. Those nutrients can then be cycled into growing more food, rather than getting trapped in the dead end of a landfill. If you’re interested in being part of this regenerative cycle, I have good news for you. Green Box Compost (based in Sun Prairie) is close to meeting their threshold for extending service to Stoughton! You can visit their website (www.withgreenbox.com) to learn more and sign up for a compost box pickup plan. You’ll even get some compost back every 6 months, to use however you like.

Events like Taste of Stoughton bring so many benefits to our community. One goal of Sustainable Stoughton is to help these events benefit our planet as well, so we can continue enjoying our traditions for years to come.

For more information on Taste of Stoughton, visit their website: www.tasteofstoughton.com 

Happy Tasting!

Sign up to volunteer to help attendees compost at the event: http://23728442.hs-sites.com/tos-volunteer

Peyton Higgins serves on the board of Sustainable Stoughton and is a scientist working in regenerative agriculture systems.

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