Innovation Center Stoughton exists to foster innovation, entrepreneurship, and creative learning.


We envision a future where everyone has the opportunity to engage with cutting-edge technology, explore interests and ideas, cultivate new skills, and ignite their entrepreneurial spirit.


Our mission is to be a regional innovation hub, tying together the collaborative efforts of local and regional partners and bringing advanced technologies and life-long learning opportunities to the communities we serve. We do this by:

Being the hands-on gathering place for brainstorming, training, exposure to cutting-edge technologies, makerspace, and business incubation, encouraging the spirit of making and idea exploration.

Providing training and education in advanced technologies, prototyping, design, and entrepreneurship, to everyone from kindergarten to seniors, focusing on experiential learning opportunities that promote intellectual curiosity and skill development.

A launchpad for startups and innovative ventures, ICS provides programming and partnerships with local and regional stakeholders that nurture the entrepreneurial mindset, offer mentorship and resources that help businesses grow and succeed. We offer a makerspace, business incubation, and rapid prototyping services that allow business owners and entrepreneurs to develop products and processes in support of their business plans.

Investing in forward looking technologies and equipment, making them available and providing training and educational opportunities to those we serve. By focusing on improving the technical literacy of our community members, we ensure that no one is left behind in the rapidly advancing technological landscape.

Developing a cohesive network of local and regional partners, business owners, entrepreneurs, and community members that share experiences, connections, and support. In turn, this allows us to have a continuous feedback loop and ongoing understanding of community needs.