Benefits to the Community

The potential community benefits of Innovation Center Stoughton are vast. First and foremost is the impact of creating a more resilient economy that can stand up to 21st century challenges like climate change and changing workforce dynamics. Supporting employers, entrepreneurs and the creation of new industry sectors will result in a more resilient, sustainable, livable Stoughton.  In this vein, the Center will:

  • Spur the creation of new, higher-wage jobs through innovation in agricultural technology, biomedical technology, energy efficiency technology, advanced manufacturing technology, and other emerging sectors. Recent studies focused on Stoughton have shown that these types of technology and innovation jobs are also an important source of secondary jobs and local economic development. One job created in these sectors is associated with the creation of 4-5 additional jobs in the local goods and services economy. 
  • Be a go-to community resource for learning new skills that can help with transitions such as high school to career, changing jobs, changing careers, and retirement to next-phase.
  • Provide entrepreneurship and new business development support, such as training, financing, and idea generation, indirectly creating an atmosphere of inspiration for entrepreneurs of all ages.
  • Partner with schools to give children and students of all ages access to an experiential learning environment, where they can be creative, learn new skills, and gain exposure to new “possibility models” that show them a variety of career paths and ways to make a living.
  • Attract new residents to the community who wish to have access to resources to help them address sustainability, security, and resilience in their own lives.

Innovation Center Stoughton will be a community-centric place for making new connections and learning from new perspectives (with an emphasis on intergenerational and cross-cultural), that will result in richer experiences for everyone.

Why is innovation important in Stoughton? Our economy and society are clearly in transition with immense new challenges being faced by all sectors, including households. Applications of technology, efficiency, and new ideas are critical to the long-term success and growth of all sectors in our community. Many households as well as companies are seeking places that support their desire for a sustainable existence, security from a variety of threats and resilience in the face of growing numbers and severity of disruptions.