Guided Whiteboards

Using structured ideation tools, participants are free to think creatively while clearly defining a problem to be solved and honing in on executable solutions. Ideal for groups of 4-10 people, these 4-hour Guided Whiteboard sessions are facilitated conversations that use your skills and experience to solve a problem in your organization.


This program provides entrepreneurs, inventors, and small business owners the opportunity to collaborate, connect with mentors, and discover resources to build their businesses.

Fab Lab Workshops

Taught by qualified instructors at Fab Lab Stoughton (located within Stoughton High School), you’ll learn the basics of computer-aided design (CAD), 3D printing, laser-engraving/cutting, vinyl printing, and more. 

Children’s Business Fair

Collaboration Partners

Innovation Center Stoughton Collaboration Partners serve as resources for ICS programs. We are looking for experts in their field who are willing to share their knowledge with area entrepreneurs, small business owners, innovators, and students.