Project Location

Currently, there is no location selected for Innovation Center Stoughton yet.

We are considering:

Where best to locate such a center?
Repurposed facilities?
New facilities?
Distributed facilities?
What resources are necessary?
What resources are readily available?
What characteristics should facilities have?
These are the issues that the Innovation Center board is tackling at the moment. We welcome community input to this process.

Facility options that should be considered, especially in future plans given the likelihood that the center will need to expand at some point. Connections with facilities elsewhere can provide ideas. For example, a Fab Lab in Europe is based in the building shown below. There are obvious advantages in using a special purpose building since the working and learning environment can be tailored specifically to the needs of the center.

Models to Follow – An existing center that has some significant overlap with the one planned is the Tech Valley Center of Gravity in Troy, NY. There are likely others, but this one has a variety of similar services and is located in a beautiful repurposed old building in the heart of their downtown. They can provide some very useful lessons learned, best practices, etc., in community interaction, partnerships, resource generation, etc. (